WiZ was founded as a start-up brand in 2017 and joined Signify, a world leader in lighting, in 2019. WiZ is an IoT platform for smart lighting solutions and smart services. We offer people connected lighting, so they can enjoy their daily moments with more comfort and ease.

Our WiZ ecosystem comprises software solutions, cloud services and products. Together with our manufacturing partners, we offer lights, devices and accessories under different brands. Already millions of devices on the market are connected by WiZ. ​

​WiZ delivers a Wi-Fi-based smart system that controls plug-and-play devices with our user-friendly and feature-rich app, and that connects to existing Wi-Fi networks. Our WiZ ecosystem creates an optimal atmosphere in which people can elevate their smart lighting into smart living.

Our products and services are marketed under our WiZ brand, private labels and other brands, all associated with the WiZ brand. Our ecosystem has a worldwide reach, to more than 60 countries.​